Recruiting a postdoc on links between microbiome and asthma risk

Postdoctoral project: Contribution of the microbiome to asthma risk in premature infants We seek a postdoctoral researcher to participate in an interdisciplinary project that aims to understand how the microbiome mediates asthma risk in premature infants. The postdoctoral researcher will carry out ecological analysis of microbiome data and associated familial, stress and immune factors for… Continue reading Recruiting a postdoc on links between microbiome and asthma risk

Offre de stage BSc

Offre de stage – Laboratoire du Prof. Steven Kembel Nous cherchons un stagiaire avec les connaissances ou l’intérêt d’en apprendre plus sur l’écologie microbienne et la bioinformatique. L’étudiant travaillera sur un projet concernant la biogéographie de Methylobacterium, un genre de bactéries très diversifiées associées aux plantes qui exercent des fonctions écologiques importantes pour leur plante… Continue reading Offre de stage BSc

PhD or MSc student position available

Ecology and evolution of Methylobacterium Objective: Understand the ecological and evolutionary drivers of Methylobacterium diversity and the importance of Methylobacterium for their plant hosts Methylobacterium is a diverse genus of plant-associated bacteria that perform important ecological functions for their host plants and ecosystems. We are using genomic and metagenomic approaches to understand the diversity of… Continue reading PhD or MSc student position available

CSEE 2017 Victoria

Geneviève,  Isabelle and Steve presented their research at the 2017 Canadian Society for Ecology & Evolution annual meeting in beautiful Victoria. Looking forward to next year’s meeting in Guelph!

Postdoctoral position available

Postdoctoral Project Drought, plant nutrition, and the microbial ecology of Quebec forests Global change is projected to lead to temperature increases and modifications in precipitation regimes in Quebec forests, which may lead to increased drought stress and changes in tree growth and regeneration and forest productivity. We seek a postdoctoral researcher to participate in an… Continue reading Postdoctoral position available

Fall 2016 lab news

Wow, an update is long overdue! Lots of exciting news from the lab during the past months. A few highlights : Jessica Wallace successfully defended her MSc on sugar maple microbiomes Isabelle Laforest-Lapointe presented her work at ISME2016 and ESA and published several papers from her PhD project Cédric Boué, Geneviève Lajoie, Remi Maglione and Mona… Continue reading Fall 2016 lab news

Phyllosphere 2015

Congratulations to Isabelle Laforest-Lapointe who won the award for best poster at the excellent 10th International Symposium on Phyllosphere Microbiology!

L’été 2015!

Lots of activity in the lab this summer… Jessica, Luis, and Steve talked about their research at the CSEE 2015 annual meeting in Saskatoon in May Isabelle and Steve presented a workshop on bioinformatics for the Société de protection des plantes du Québec in June Isabelle and Steve will attend the Phyllosphere 2015 meeting in Switzerland in July